Artist Visit :Thomas Louis- works in Ceramic and Glass.

August 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

 A graduate from the prestigious institute in the country,National Institute of Design : Ceramic and Glass Design.
 This is Mr. Thomas Louis. The artist
Specialising in ceramic and glass.
At the Artist Lounge and shared his work.
He has worked in Banglore, Pune and now in Versova, Mumbai.
He has Exhibited his works in many galleries.
Presently runs a studio and company by the name “Monkey Bussiness”
along with a friend, Bhagyashree Patwardhan fondly known as Pattu 
The work for itself speaks tons about the artist, no doubt his open conversation about ordeals, flip flops and the journey so far is definitely inspiration to any new aspirant in the field of art and design.
His perseverence and consistancy towards acheiving levels have been a driving force and kept him on to strive for more deftness, more richness etc.
His work is the reflection of his hardwork and dedication. His shifting from one city to other also show his adventurous side and passion towards work. 
Break time! 
Here we could see our friends from the animation deptartment, founders of Girgit Company that started just a year and half ago who are extremely talented, making interesting animation work and already going places.
Also the noticable things is, both have given few essential tips and ideas to the new entrepreneurs sitting in the presentation.
 Post the tea break it was more an interactive session. We got a deeper understanding of works done by Thomas as well as technicalities explained by the artist helped many of us appreciate the medium of ceramic and glass, more so for those who had no experience with the medium.
These conversations and experiences have indeed enriched us by far and in depth the nuances of ceramic and glass art.

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