Starting an art studio.

September 21, 2008 § 5 Comments

Artist Studio in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

A Group of contemporary Artists.

An introduction :

at ahmedabad studio verve

A common interest is often what brings people together and that is what has led us (Arpit Biloria and Deviba Wala) to the creation of Studio verve. The other Artists are Margee Patel, Riddhi Shah, Kautilya Vyas, Mukund Patel, Snehal Kashikar and last but not the least Mita Sharma, who’s not an artist but she’s always been a part of the group. She writes !

The art studio is located at maninagar, ahmedabad.

it is a space where our group of artists think and work together, where people interested in art are always welcome.
we dedicate few hours each day working and discussing art at the studio…

Verve was founded in 2001, taking on commercial and large scale commission works, over time it has developed or evolved more into an organization that promotes art and encourages young artists to pursue their individual art work.

We decided to add the Prefix Studio to Verve and set up an active physical studio, which we could all use and work from.
it in reality just brought us all under one roof.

We opened up our doors and hearts to all who have a liking for the arts, to all artists, all connoisseurs, or anyone who wants to know what realey happens in an art studio..  it was in reality just cleaning and sorting through our ‘workshop’ or working space and welcoming people in, and yes making storage racks ! lots of storage racks ! 
So here goes our first blog post …  let’s see where it leads us ! 


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