We Are Hired * – an installation

May 16, 2009 § 2 Comments

We are Hired*

“Labour is the prime basic condition for all human existence, and this to such an extent that, in a sense, we have to say that labour created man himself.”
Conclusions reached by 
Labour – power being a comodity , it is sold and so has a price , so that the value of labour power expressed in terms of money is its price, which assumes the form of wages. But wages appear at first sight not as the price of labour-power , but as the price of labour , an illusion produced by these circumstances : a) the worker’s labour is the means for receiving wages, which is why wages outwardly appear to be the payment for his labour; b) the worker receives his wages after the entire labour process has ended, and not for the necessary labour time; and c) the magnitude of wages is fixed in accordance with the quantity of time worked or the quantity of the product. All of these circumstances creat the impression that the worker sells his labour , and that the whole of that labour is paid for by the capitalist.
auther : Plautus
“LAR” : In case you don’t know who I am, let me briefly introduce myself. I am LAR FAMILIARIS, the guardian spirit of this house now for a great many years ; I have looked after it for the present owner , and his father , and his grandfather . It was the grandfather who put into my care , a long time ago, with great secrecy, and with many secred oaths, a large sum of money. He had buried it under the hearth of the central hall, and he charged me on my  honour to keep it safe for him. On his deathbed, miser that he was, he never said a word about the money to his son ; he would rather leave his own son a pauper than let him know about this secret hoard. All he left him was a little bit of land from which he could scrape a living by sweat and toil.     
Down sunk with fright a red 
Round globe, hot burning, deep
Deep down into the Abyss…
artists: suraj kumar, pramod singh & arpit biloria

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