‘Unconditional love’ An Art Exhibition

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The exhibition titled ‘Unconditional love’ is showcasing the work of 13 artists from Studio A simultanoulsy both at The Gallery and at Hutheesing visual art center, Ahmedabad. A majority of artists have done their initial studies at C.N. fine arts and some of them had continued their studies at MS University, Baroda and London university.

One of the facets of the exhibition at ‘The Gallery’ is the exploration of new technique by the artists as a way of expressing themselves. Harshid Patel has experimented with the painting of architectural motifs on gold and silver leaf background. Roma Patel has worked with acrylic – bringing the fluid forms created by acrylic paint on glass onto canvas to get interesting abstract forms. Alpesh Dave experiments with threadwork on human faces – his work with Picasso is especially interesting for the humor it recreates. Bhavin Vaishnav has explored the same form of a boy figure in different media from carved wood to sketches.

The juxtaposition of contrasting images often in relation to the human body are seen in many artworks : among them Kumar’s work ‘peace of mind’ in which the juxtaposition of human face with rockets are seen. The same approach is further seen in sculpture in Chowhan’s juxtaposition of nails on human lips. By juxtaposing the child’s image with objects related to his work Rakesh Patel has tried to bring in the narrative of working children into his artwork.

The art work collection of Sonal Ambani including the works of senior artists such as Nabibaksh Mansuri and Mahendrabhai Kadia as well as Sonal Ambani’s owm work on ‘World peace’ is displayed at ‘Huthessing visual art gallery’.

-Gayatri Menon


Purvaa – Purvesh Patel Memorial Art Show 2011

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Date: 7th – 9th October, 2011
Timings: 4:00 – 8:00 pm
Venue: L & P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, K.L. Campus, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

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Purvesh R Patel
Memorial Art Show 2010

October 12 at 5:00pm – October 17 at 8:30pm
Hutheesing Art Centre, K L Campus, CEPT – Ahmedabad

Ajay Dhandre  |  Ajay Kanhare  |  Ajay Sharma  |  Alok Bal  |  Arpit Biloria
Arunima Sanyal  |  Atul Mahajan  |  Bhuvanesh Gowda  |  Channakeshva Koffe  Debashish Dutta  |  Deepak Mahakul  |  Durgaprasad Bandi  |  Himanshu Joshi
Jagadish Dhyan Shreyas  |  Mansoor Ali Makrani  |  Mitali Shah  |  Nabanita Saha
Nehal Rachh  |  Nijeena Neelambaram  |  P Bardhan  |  Pulak Sanpui
Rahul Mukherjee  |  Rajesh Kumar Prasad  |  Rajiv Choudhary
Satyajit Chandra  |  Shaam  |  Shatrughan Thakur

Soumitra Gouri  |  Subrata Day  |  T Venkanna  |  Vaibhav Sakharkar
Vandana Kothari  |  Vibhuti Sharma  |  Vinod Patel

Inauguration Photos


Press Coverage

Ahmedabad Mirror 13th October 2010
DNA Ahmedabad – 14th October 2010
Times of India Ahmedabad – 15th October 2010
DNA Ahmedabad – 16th October 2010

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