Arnab Sikdar: our crazy Graffiti Artist and Animator.

August 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

He is an Animator by profession.
And his work is the first to adorn our place.
 We were happy to see our new place : The Artist Lounge and see arneb spell his magic on the wall.
Of course he always gathers an audience just like that, which is a visual treat to onlookers anyway.  
He just freed his arms with spraying colours and did an amazing little infant elephant that is still to see this big world.
Look at him ! still not satisfied, wanting to do more, To believe this you have to come see this riot of colors in and around NID, Paldi to see his awesome work shadowing the walls, bus stops, over bridges,and  hideouts etc and of course also at the very famous eatery by fellow Nidians ,Tib-market.
This is his signature style acknowledging his every work, which you will find all around this place, close by NID-Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujurat, India.
If u want to know more about him plz do email us  and we will help you get connected to Arnab Sikdar.

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