Studio VERVE at Ahmedabad International Art Festival- 2011

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

AIAF 2011


A journey from the time when the city was a tiny settlement known as Ashavali on the east of the river Sabarmati  led by a Bhil king, then a city thriving and growing under the rule of Karandev and being named Karnavati to being the great sultanate of Ahmed Shah : Ahmedabad. Dynamically transforming itself by the time; today it is the sixth largest and fastest growing city in India.  A unique city that has a strong sense of community living and an uncanny sense of business with its thriving textile industry travelling the industrial era, earned the title Manchester of the east. This sense gave way to many faiths to coexist emerging into a unique social fabric and thus made the place more diverse yet uniting itself with a pulsating fresh, modern vibe yet holds its traditions dear, where one is free to choose the pace at which to live.
With every reign leaving a trace of shadow in its own way on the city, remarkable being the Sultanate of Ahmed Shah by its architecture evident till day are living examples of cultural mélange. The fervor being carried not only in its visual pattern, appeal but the people coming into its lap are touched and adapt well to its offerings later only contributing greatly to itself.
A city that is flourishing since 600 years and has an amazing life pattern. We take you on a quick nostalgic flashback through all that is Ahmedabad. A journey through the city’s trials and triumphs!

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