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Concepts behind the paintings 

Very different styles .. Different personalities 

Artists at Studio Verve

Arpit Biloria:

Volume is something which can be realised even when you “take away” the distracting color. My canvas is a plane where expressions are felt & perceived through the viewers very own personal experiences and my consciousness wanders searching for the dimensions.White, I see, as a ground, where images lie hiding. Black acts as connecting point between dimensions revealing these images.I let myself play with what exists and what does not.

Deviba Wala :

Nature and its forms are the best inspiration for me. I try to zoom in on the finer details, and a form within a form ; concerned with the relationship between the parts and the whole of a composition. i sketch the world as i see it, from a different angle. I like using a single colour each time with its tints and shades. The paintings are generally monochrome. I work with a variety of mediums, which portrays my restless soul . My love for the outdoors is clearly visible in my work.

Pramod Singh :

What I illustrate in my paintings is of less importance than how I try to figure it out from the given surroundings that we live in and the society is the only place or you may say a barrier between thoughts and process. The indifference between nature of a being and manifestation of goodness is a point where the whole society is standing on a rock. The unshakable, well knitted, carefully designed slap on our cheeks. Ah…. What a slap! …. F*** them all, all those gaps we have between innocence and mastery. For me, my work is nothing but a cross section of these two worlds.
Until you throw yourself out on the barren land, you can’t imagine what hunger means. And that hunger is the origin of every calculation I scribble on my canvas.

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