ShuruArt – a new beginning at ‘Artist’s Lounge’.

September 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

A new beginning at Artist Lounge. A relaunch after many events at verve. Back to the basics :
 our new initiative
 ‘The Artist’s Lounge!’

Happy to present this place formerly and to invite our friends to this warm lit underground,
 learning daily as well as creating new work.   
 Just come in, we are here ….. come find out wat’s happening.
Here is the place were 13 artist have shown their work undertaken since the inception of the place ‘Artist Lounge’.
Come down u’ll find an array of welcoming rooms, it’s like a little maze … take a turn to be in one of them.
The work awaits you all.
Yes, this is one display which created a verve by inhouse artist
Amazing work and equally good display, was eyecatching to many onlookers.
All the walls flooded by works, every space was carefully used and converted the studio into a gallery for few days. The rooms spelled by creative pieces all around to the very contradiction of initial thought ‘do we have enough work to display ? ‘ but turned out the otherway round sparing no space for many good works. So had no choice but to pick a  few pieces of every inhouse artist’s work
The Ceramic work (Rakku).
Begining of the show and we had the senior designer and artist from reputed design institution National Institute of Design, India, Mr. Errol Pires who is a keen art lover, busy photographer, a ply-split braiding artist of international fame.
Viewers looking at various mediums from paintings to printmaking, sculptures to ceramics, drawings to paper masks to fiber art (textile).
A glance of few exhibits from two different rooms.
This was always the scene here at Artist Lounge as people poured in not just to view the work but also for sharing ideas and experiences.
As we said, here we have artists from various fields.
The loom you’re seeing and the hanging piece fiber art is by Mr. Shantanu Das, a textile artist and designer.
Its very interesting to see fabric being woven on this loom, to many who dont have an idea of the traditional way of cloth making.. here it is. 
This exhibition gave chance to many of us for healthy discussions and sharing thoughts ..between many inhouse and visiting art relatives. 
The young visitor helping us, fondly called Ammu.
Arpit Biloria the man behind the scene !
The man who makes all this possible.
 relaxed and happy, having chat with others during the show.
The art was not distanced but rather in reach, which helped many for better interaction and experience.
The happy Bijoya Haldar, the artist  before the work with artist Abhijit Paul
captured sharing a lighter moment.
I would like to thank all who graced the place and the occasion and shared their experiences.
 With all the energy that kept flowing all through the days when the display was on, along with a lot of senior artists who visited and shared their bit of knowledge and stories which did inspire the young lot in the house of ARTIST LOUNGE.
Yes its very true to admit we the bunch of  constant learners. We hope to have a good art dialogue with  those we come in contact with at the ‘Artist Lounge’  

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