Travers Nash’s Artworks at a Glance.

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Viewing of Work by Artist : Travers Nash 

at Greenwoods. Artist Residency in Ahmedabad.

by studio Verve

Concept Note :

Take a look around you – you’re surrounded by technology. Every aspect of our lives, the way we eat, travel, communicate and entertain ourselves are all determined by constantly “advancing” technology. In our modern world of mass production and consumption these technological objects come pre packaged with a stereotyped usage, leaving little room for creative innovation on a personal level.
These latest works have been heavily influenced by my time in India. The colors, sounds and energy of this country have influenced my attempts to create a more meaningful interaction between viewer and technology  ; a creative relationship that moves beyond pure materialistic consumption.

–  Travers Nash.
new media art
sculpture using found items and technology
One of his installations 
using mannequins, L.E.D’s and sound. 
electronic sculpture
In detail… 
ahmedabad heritage
Another installation using an antique door, typical of Ahmedabad architecture.
The door was sourced from the old city.
L.E.D’s are part of this work too.
light installation
Travers with guests showing his work.
Travers at work, a hole had to be drilled for each L.E.D then the wires soldered to the L.E.D‘s.
was quite a task … but Travers is so involved in his work, he dosen’t stop until 
he gets the effect he desires.
greenwoods lake resort 
Artists Devang Vyas, Manhar Kapadia, Natu Mistry, Rakesh Patel and Roma Patel 
tourist attraction ahmedabad
Don’t miss the adorable Pug
Indian Express
Some of his earlier works

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