Levitate – A Group Show of Paintings Sculptures & Graphics at Amdavad ni Gufa – Ahmedabad, India

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Amdavad ni Gufa – Ahmedabad, India
Eleven contemporary artists displayed their work at the exhibition ‘Levitate’ organized at ‘The gallery’, Ahmedabad from 12th to 18th November, 2013. The display included paintings-oils, acrylic; printmaking-wood cutting, etching; sculptures-stone, metal; and mixed media work.  
Sunil Nimawat’s Wood Cut on Display
Sachin Dadhich’s Sculpture in Mixed Media
Rokesh Kumar Singh’s Stone Sculpture
The works of Rakesh kumar Singh and Sachin Dadichi explore the materials in interesting, unconventional ways. Sunal Nimawat’s ‘portrait’ combines the conceptual element and technique of woodcut beautifully.
Lalit Garg’s Paintings in Mixed Media
Arpit Biloria’s abstract expression ‘intersectional void’ is an interesting play of geometric planes and positive-negative spaces. 
Arpit Biloria’s Sculptures in Metal
Margee Patel ‘s series of birds and especially ‘the swans ‘has captured the grace, beauty and delicacy of birds in the hard medium of stone. 
Margee Patel’s Stone Sculptures
Apart from the diversity of mediums what is remarkable is the diversity of approaches amongst the artists.  It will be interesting to observe these artists through their journey in the art field.
– Gayatri Menon
L to R – Sunil Nimawat, Sachin Dadhich, Mayank Sharma, Lalit Garg, Arpit Biloria, Margee Patel, Riddhi Shah, Jyotika Rathore & Rokesh Kumar Singh
Press Coverage
Divya Bhaskar – Ahmedabad – 13 November 2013
DNA – Ahmedabad – 13 November 2013
Ahmedabad Mirror – 14 November 2013
Sandesh – Ahmedabad 15 November 2013

‘Unconditional love’ An Art Exhibition

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The exhibition titled ‘Unconditional love’ is showcasing the work of 13 artists from Studio A simultanoulsy both at The Gallery and at Hutheesing visual art center, Ahmedabad. A majority of artists have done their initial studies at C.N. fine arts and some of them had continued their studies at MS University, Baroda and London university.

One of the facets of the exhibition at ‘The Gallery’ is the exploration of new technique by the artists as a way of expressing themselves. Harshid Patel has experimented with the painting of architectural motifs on gold and silver leaf background. Roma Patel has worked with acrylic – bringing the fluid forms created by acrylic paint on glass onto canvas to get interesting abstract forms. Alpesh Dave experiments with threadwork on human faces – his work with Picasso is especially interesting for the humor it recreates. Bhavin Vaishnav has explored the same form of a boy figure in different media from carved wood to sketches.

The juxtaposition of contrasting images often in relation to the human body are seen in many artworks : among them Kumar’s work ‘peace of mind’ in which the juxtaposition of human face with rockets are seen. The same approach is further seen in sculpture in Chowhan’s juxtaposition of nails on human lips. By juxtaposing the child’s image with objects related to his work Rakesh Patel has tried to bring in the narrative of working children into his artwork.

The art work collection of Sonal Ambani including the works of senior artists such as Nabibaksh Mansuri and Mahendrabhai Kadia as well as Sonal Ambani’s owm work on ‘World peace’ is displayed at ‘Huthessing visual art gallery’.

-Gayatri Menon


"Full wall empty 27” by German artist Werner Degreif

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A solo exhibition ‘Full wall empty 27” by German artist Werner Degreif is being held at ‘The Gallery, Amdavad ni gufa’ , Ahmedabad from 15th to 20th October. This exhibition is the fourth of a series of exhibition being held by Zone of Contemporary art, ZOCA. 

Werner Degreif
Werner Degreif has multiple talents as a musician, graphic artist and sculptor and currently stays in Mannheim, Germany. Having spent seven weeks as an artist in residence in Ahmedabad, India, Werner Degreif took 2 weeks imbibing the culture of the place before embarking on his artwork.
In his own words “ My father was an architect and maybe, I might have imbibed some of the sense of architecture from him” and so it seems as we look at how spaces depicting the character of Ahmedabad come alive within the close confines of the gallery. He specialized in site specific work which imparts  a certain amount of fluidity and poignancy to the work. The challenge of the space in the gallery was its length but the artist managed to find a creative solution to the linear space by arranging his work in a perspective form overlapping each other, unifying the work without creating division; keeping us unaware of the transition of frames and helping us experience an unified whole.
 “It seems the lines of your artwork done in Germany is more orderly, neat and emphasis seems to be on architectural elements rather than people… How has India influenced your artwork?” we asked to which he replied ”In Germany, it was difficult to draw people because of their reluctance to be portrayed and it was a pleasant surprise to find people in Ahmedabad greeting me with openness and joy while being portrayed.” And the same sense of calmness and joy pervades in the work too..
The inspiration for most of the artwork seemed to be from the city slums. More exposure to the city with its complexities encompassing the tradition and the modern, the poor and the rich, the indoor and the outdoor, the private and the public spaces could have broadened the canvas of the artwork. However, the raw energy of the lines and the focus on the portrayal of common people from city slums going about their day to day lives by itself bring forth an element of extraordinary to the daily everyday sights of the city!
– Gayatri Menon
(Photo Courtesy – Vipul Prajapati)

Purvaa 2013 – A Group exhibition of Paintings & Sculptures

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The works of 35 artists based in Ahmedabad and Baroda is being exhibited as ‘Purvaa 2013’ from 18th to 20th October 2013 at LP Hutheesing visual art centre in Ahmedabad  as part of a unique tribute to late Purvesh Patel by his friend Aditya Vikram. The 45 artworks exhibited include paintings, etching, lithography, paper cutting, mixed media as well as interactive exhibits and sculptures in various media.

Surrealistic images of human faces juxtaposed with a variety of images including merry go rounds, landscapes, mobiles etc. depicting the various moods and thoughts in human beings were found in the work of many artists. The dominant theme in the artwork including paintings,  graphic art as well as sculpture seemed to be the troubles, constraints and difficulties faced by human beings in the modern world and the meeting space between humans and the man made world. This included the works of Nemaram Jangid’s ‘Control of tension’ , ‘Struggle and risk’ and Purvi Parmar’s ‘Freedom’.

Various experimental artwork using unusual mediums such as backlit acrylic with LED lights as well as the use of chrome plated metal and coins on paintings  seemed to resolutely trying to break away from the constraints of two dimensional medium of painting and graphic art.  Experimental artworks also included the interactive artwork of David titled ‘girl with the gun’ in which the viewer became the participant by pumping air and finding the girl raising a rubber gun at the viewer.

Some of the other interesting work included the artwork ‘Train’ by Sandeep Suneriya which though simple in form was conceptually unusual in depicting two narratives within the 6 frame structure and the abstract work of Arpit Biloria ‘Intersectional void’ which celebrated the abstract beauty and raw juxtaposition of forms, leaving the work open for interpretation by viewers.
-Gayatri Menon
(Photo Courtesy – Namit Kadia)
Arpit Biloria
DNA News Paper – 19 October 2013
List of Participating Artists

Anil Majmudar, Arpit Biloria, Alpesh Dave, Sandeep Suneriya, Sunil Darji, Hindol Brahmbhatt, Tushar Kamble, Manish Modi, Purvi Parmar, Debasish Dutta, Vijay Bagodi, Sonal Verma, Susmita, Kajal Shah, Bhavin Vaishnav, Pulkit Prajapati, Indrapramit Roy, Vijay Roy, Mitali Shah, Deviba Wala, Shaam Pahapalkar, Nemaram Jangid, Pankaj Vishwakarma, Possi Prasad, Rahul Mukherjee, David, Shaik Azghar Ali, Rakesh Patel, Roma Patel, Nilesh Suthar, Vishala Patel, Mehul Rathod, Kumar Chauhan, Jitu Oghani, Ramgopal Kumavat, Uday Mondal, Vipul Prajapati, Tapsi Nath, Govind Bishvas, Manish Doshi, Dilip Chobesia, Jayanti Rabadia, Devraj Goswami.


An Art Exhibition On Women’s Day, Featuring work by 18 Women Artists.

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  “Kalane Sarname” 
An Art Exhibition showcasing the work of 18 women Artists opened  on 8th march at the 
Ahmedabad ni Gufa On the occasion of  InternationalWomen’s Day and showcased the work of 18 remarkable women who havepursued a career as Artists.  The Exhibition has paintings by 9 Artists and
works in other mediums such as Sculpture, Photography etc by 9 Artists.

Artists :
 Riddhi Shah, Palak Gajravala, Shefali Nayan, Visha Kanuga, Kailash Desai, Roma Patel, Lata Kanuga, Samvedana Vaishya, Kajal Shah, Deviba Wala, Shweta Patel, Jigna Gaudhana, Rachana Badrakhia Nikita Parikh, Niyati Kanuga, Bharvi Trivedi, Aayesha Parikh and Vidhi Parekh. 
The Art in Ahmedabad has over the last five years gradually evolved
and the interest and awareness about the field is steadily on the
ascent. The city has a number of talented eminent and upcoming artists
who are dedicated to their work, and slowly but surely, making a mark.

One of My Sculptures at the exhibition 

with my work – sculptures in copper and stainless steel. There’s a piece on the wall where i’ve used mirrors and S.S 
With the chief guest Shri Jay Narayan Vyas – Health and Tourism minister at the inauguration also in the picture : Siddheshwar Kanuga, Mr Anil Relia, Visha Kanuga of the Smart Art Hub who organised the exhibition  and Rakesh Patel.

 Riddhi and me are both from Studio Verve.
 Riddhi is a Sculptor and works in metal and stone. 
Women and Art : when i think of these two words together i think of Frida Kahlo, Camille Claudel…
 I think of so many significant Indian women artists and their contribution to Art. From Anjolie Ela Memon to Bharti Kher women artists definitely are making their presence felt but by and large the no of women in the field is small as compared to men. A show highlighting their work therefore is welcome.
An Article featuring the exhibition – City Bhaskar. 

The promotion for the show was done on quite a large scale with 9 hoardings and various banners across the city. A large no. of people visited the show. 
I am Indeed glad to be a part of this exhibition and thank all those who attended.  

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Ahmedabad International Art Festival – 2011

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Hi friends, the much awaited post ..we would like to share with you. This was done for Ahmedabad and  Amdavadis with all the love from our artists who came along generously to put up the show : The 2nd Ahmedabad International Art Festival 2011 (AIAF). With all the gratitude to one and all who contributed towards the colorful event. We are happy to celebrate posting this.

The large open space on hand was put to good use .. for an installation..
An old wooden Antique Darwaza (Door) and a Chabootra (Bird Feeder) were placed and around them we scattered grains for the birds ..and placed water bowls. 
The installation embodied godess Laxmi in hundreds  of  Paper Lotus Flowers, spread at the venue symbolizing the legend explained in following text.

Many of our winged friends did grace us with their presence… peacocks, pigeons and crows.. they were all part of the installation along with hundreds of paper lotuses in various sizes… 

The use of Chabootra and Antique Traditional Darwaza(Doors and Gates) is symbolic to life in and around the old city creating the social fabric- well integrated which was safe in the walled city with various Darwaza’s built along the city. The Chabootra(Bird Feeder) is an intrinsic feature of Ahmedabad community dwellings where people gather for various daily chores as well evening chit chats, thus keeping the harmony within the community healthy and well informed.

The story goes that a long time ago the 13 gates of the walled ahmedabad city were locked each night and the keys given to the Nagarsheth. One night a Muslim Dwarpal or gatekeeper saw a woman trying to leave the city .. it was Laxmi, the godess of wealth and prosperity. He tried to stop her and when she said she waned to leave the city he told her that he would go get the keys to the gate .. he made her promise that she would not step out of the city until he returnd. She gave him her word. he went and got the keys from the nagarsheth’s house but was sad that she would leave .. he would not let that happen .. he took his own life and Godess Laxmi still dwells within the city .. she never left because the gatekeeper did’nt return .. he sacrificed his life for the prosperity of the city , so that it would always prosper and grow.

Something about this story must be true… Ahmedabad is the fastest growing city in india today and it’s people and business continues to thrive. The installation touched on this aspect of the city ..It’s growth and journey from being a small hamlet called ashavali on the banks of the sabarmati ruled by a bhil king to what it is today.

Banyan Art an artist studio based in Baroda too showcased their work at the venue. Their event was an exhibition of paintings on the theme of Ahmedabad for the festival that celebrates the city.

The art works being well appreciated by the Amdavadi’s.

 Veteran Artist of the city Mr. Amit Ambalal, Mr. Manu Parekh and Ms. Madhavi Parekh with co-ordinator Deviba Wala.

We screened  Documentry  Movies on ahmedabad by young filmmakers from NID. These films were interesting and highlighted various aspects of the city culture and it’s people.
 Documentaries being watched by city folks.
In the evenings we had music by Ginny and Ravi .. “Free Improvisations” .. live  performance !!
 Man in Green T-Shirt is Folk Artist jamming along with Ginny and team.

 the view at night, indoors : preceding to the gallery and the installation.
 Installation by Shaam, traditional coal Iron used in the city..
Sculpture by Suraj Kumar…
 Children get amused by the installation, they were allowed to grab some lotuses to take home, as token of love and prosperity.
We co-ordinated for the C.N. College of Fine Arts last year and for this year We thought we’d put up an exhibition with our own artists from Studio Verve and artilatives (friends and relatives we made through art) those associated with us.
The event was held at the ‘Rang Bhavan’ or amphitheatre at the C.N Vidyavihar campus.
Few of the Studio Verve Artist members contributed to the event…Top L-R; Abhijit Paul, Zubair Ansari, Gayatri.D, Laxmi Kiran, Bottom L-R; Ramakrishna, V. Bhaskar, Akkireddy Prakash Naidu, Ronak Sopariwala, Rakesh Patel, Deviba Wala and Arpit Biloria, in the backdrop of  installation work.

Curator: Akkireddy Prakash
Coordinators: Deviba Wala & Arpit Biloria
ARTISTS from Verve :
Abhijit Paul, Asha Rawat, Atul Kumar, Snehal Kashikar, Bijoya Haldar, Rakesh Patel, Mukund Patel, Ramakrishna Kongalla, Prabuddha Paul, Vikrant Barmate, Sahebram Tudu, Suraj Kumar, Mrugen Rathod, Ridhi Shan, Shaam, Mayur Kadu & Sheena Deviah
Video Documentries by :
Manish Saini, Anoop Sathyan, Shishir Jha, Shradha Sakhalkar, Lavanya Naidu, Prayas Gupta & Sketchbook : 2009 animation batch
ARTISTS from Banyan Art :
Shatrughan Thakur, Rajesh P.S., Vinod Patel, Shubhendu Mishra, Swetha B.V., Durga Prasad Bandi, Pulak Sanpui, Jagadish Dhyan Shreyas, Arunima Sanyal, Vibhuti Sharma, Manjunath Honnapara, Debashish Datta, Alok Bal, Lokesh khodke, Sharat, Rahul Mukharjee, Rakesh Patel, Roma Patel, Suraj Kumar, Ronak Soparivala, Jigna Gaudana,Vipul Prajapati, Vipul Rathod, Jignesh Panchal, Nilesh Suthar, Prashant Sitapara, Rachana Badrakhia, Prashant Nageshkar, Bharvi Trivedi, Samvedana, BhavinVaishnav, Tarun Gajjar & Dushyant Patel
The Ahmedabad International Art Festival 2011  was once again a great experience. We Thank Anupa Mehta and her team for this opportunity. This event definately acts as a catalyst in furthering art in the city and brings together various organizations like; 

· A Fine Line · Ahmedabad Heritage Cell · Alliance Francaise, Ahmedabad · Amit Ambalal’s gallery and Haveli · Anart Foundation · Archer · Banyan Art · British Council Division · Darpana / Natarani · Upasana school of Performing Arts/Gujarat University · Five Issues/Gopika Jadeja · House of MG, Ahmedabad · Huteesing Visual Art Centre · Kanoria Centre for Arts · Lemongrasshopper · Max Mueller/ Goethe Institute · MIRIAD, Manchester · Paulomi Lalbhai Studio · PLATYPUS · Pro-Helvetia · Sheth C N College of Fine Arts · Nazariya

With all the memories, looking forward for next year AIAF and collaborating with more artilatives,
saying bye, more from Studio Verve soon..

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Studio VERVE at Ahmedabad International Art Festival- 2011

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AIAF 2011


A journey from the time when the city was a tiny settlement known as Ashavali on the east of the river Sabarmati  led by a Bhil king, then a city thriving and growing under the rule of Karandev and being named Karnavati to being the great sultanate of Ahmed Shah : Ahmedabad. Dynamically transforming itself by the time; today it is the sixth largest and fastest growing city in India.  A unique city that has a strong sense of community living and an uncanny sense of business with its thriving textile industry travelling the industrial era, earned the title Manchester of the east. This sense gave way to many faiths to coexist emerging into a unique social fabric and thus made the place more diverse yet uniting itself with a pulsating fresh, modern vibe yet holds its traditions dear, where one is free to choose the pace at which to live.
With every reign leaving a trace of shadow in its own way on the city, remarkable being the Sultanate of Ahmed Shah by its architecture evident till day are living examples of cultural mélange. The fervor being carried not only in its visual pattern, appeal but the people coming into its lap are touched and adapt well to its offerings later only contributing greatly to itself.
A city that is flourishing since 600 years and has an amazing life pattern. We take you on a quick nostalgic flashback through all that is Ahmedabad. A journey through the city’s trials and triumphs!

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