Ahmedabad International Art Festival – 2011

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Hi friends, the much awaited post ..we would like to share with you. This was done for Ahmedabad and  Amdavadis with all the love from our artists who came along generously to put up the show : The 2nd Ahmedabad International Art Festival 2011 (AIAF). With all the gratitude to one and all who contributed towards the colorful event. We are happy to celebrate posting this.

The large open space on hand was put to good use .. for an installation..
An old wooden Antique Darwaza (Door) and a Chabootra (Bird Feeder) were placed and around them we scattered grains for the birds ..and placed water bowls. 
The installation embodied godess Laxmi in hundreds  of  Paper Lotus Flowers, spread at the venue symbolizing the legend explained in following text.

Many of our winged friends did grace us with their presence… peacocks, pigeons and crows.. they were all part of the installation along with hundreds of paper lotuses in various sizes… 

The use of Chabootra and Antique Traditional Darwaza(Doors and Gates) is symbolic to life in and around the old city creating the social fabric- well integrated which was safe in the walled city with various Darwaza’s built along the city. The Chabootra(Bird Feeder) is an intrinsic feature of Ahmedabad community dwellings where people gather for various daily chores as well evening chit chats, thus keeping the harmony within the community healthy and well informed.

The story goes that a long time ago the 13 gates of the walled ahmedabad city were locked each night and the keys given to the Nagarsheth. One night a Muslim Dwarpal or gatekeeper saw a woman trying to leave the city .. it was Laxmi, the godess of wealth and prosperity. He tried to stop her and when she said she waned to leave the city he told her that he would go get the keys to the gate .. he made her promise that she would not step out of the city until he returnd. She gave him her word. he went and got the keys from the nagarsheth’s house but was sad that she would leave .. he would not let that happen .. he took his own life and Godess Laxmi still dwells within the city .. she never left because the gatekeeper did’nt return .. he sacrificed his life for the prosperity of the city , so that it would always prosper and grow.

Something about this story must be true… Ahmedabad is the fastest growing city in india today and it’s people and business continues to thrive. The installation touched on this aspect of the city ..It’s growth and journey from being a small hamlet called ashavali on the banks of the sabarmati ruled by a bhil king to what it is today.

Banyan Art an artist studio based in Baroda too showcased their work at the venue. Their event was an exhibition of paintings on the theme of Ahmedabad for the festival that celebrates the city.

The art works being well appreciated by the Amdavadi’s.

 Veteran Artist of the city Mr. Amit Ambalal, Mr. Manu Parekh and Ms. Madhavi Parekh with co-ordinator Deviba Wala.

We screened  Documentry  Movies on ahmedabad by young filmmakers from NID. These films were interesting and highlighted various aspects of the city culture and it’s people.
 Documentaries being watched by city folks.
In the evenings we had music by Ginny and Ravi .. “Free Improvisations” .. live  performance !!
 Man in Green T-Shirt is Folk Artist jamming along with Ginny and team.

 the view at night, indoors : preceding to the gallery and the installation.
 Installation by Shaam, traditional coal Iron used in the city..
Sculpture by Suraj Kumar…
 Children get amused by the installation, they were allowed to grab some lotuses to take home, as token of love and prosperity.
We co-ordinated for the C.N. College of Fine Arts last year and for this year We thought we’d put up an exhibition with our own artists from Studio Verve and artilatives (friends and relatives we made through art) those associated with us.
The event was held at the ‘Rang Bhavan’ or amphitheatre at the C.N Vidyavihar campus.
Few of the Studio Verve Artist members contributed to the event…Top L-R; Abhijit Paul, Zubair Ansari, Gayatri.D, Laxmi Kiran, Bottom L-R; Ramakrishna, V. Bhaskar, Akkireddy Prakash Naidu, Ronak Sopariwala, Rakesh Patel, Deviba Wala and Arpit Biloria, in the backdrop of  installation work.

Curator: Akkireddy Prakash
Coordinators: Deviba Wala & Arpit Biloria
ARTISTS from Verve :
Abhijit Paul, Asha Rawat, Atul Kumar, Snehal Kashikar, Bijoya Haldar, Rakesh Patel, Mukund Patel, Ramakrishna Kongalla, Prabuddha Paul, Vikrant Barmate, Sahebram Tudu, Suraj Kumar, Mrugen Rathod, Ridhi Shan, Shaam, Mayur Kadu & Sheena Deviah
Video Documentries by :
Manish Saini, Anoop Sathyan, Shishir Jha, Shradha Sakhalkar, Lavanya Naidu, Prayas Gupta & Sketchbook : 2009 animation batch
ARTISTS from Banyan Art :
Shatrughan Thakur, Rajesh P.S., Vinod Patel, Shubhendu Mishra, Swetha B.V., Durga Prasad Bandi, Pulak Sanpui, Jagadish Dhyan Shreyas, Arunima Sanyal, Vibhuti Sharma, Manjunath Honnapara, Debashish Datta, Alok Bal, Lokesh khodke, Sharat, Rahul Mukharjee, Rakesh Patel, Roma Patel, Suraj Kumar, Ronak Soparivala, Jigna Gaudana,Vipul Prajapati, Vipul Rathod, Jignesh Panchal, Nilesh Suthar, Prashant Sitapara, Rachana Badrakhia, Prashant Nageshkar, Bharvi Trivedi, Samvedana, BhavinVaishnav, Tarun Gajjar & Dushyant Patel
The Ahmedabad International Art Festival 2011  was once again a great experience. We Thank Anupa Mehta and her team for this opportunity. This event definately acts as a catalyst in furthering art in the city and brings together various organizations like; 

· A Fine Line · Ahmedabad Heritage Cell · Alliance Francaise, Ahmedabad · Amit Ambalal’s gallery and Haveli · Anart Foundation · Archer · Banyan Art · British Council Division · Darpana / Natarani · Upasana school of Performing Arts/Gujarat University · Five Issues/Gopika Jadeja · House of MG, Ahmedabad · Huteesing Visual Art Centre · Kanoria Centre for Arts · Lemongrasshopper · Max Mueller/ Goethe Institute · MIRIAD, Manchester · Paulomi Lalbhai Studio · PLATYPUS · Pro-Helvetia · Sheth C N College of Fine Arts · Nazariya

With all the memories, looking forward for next year AIAF and collaborating with more artilatives,
saying bye, more from Studio Verve soon..

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Purvaa – Purvesh Patel Memorial Art Show 2011

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Date: 7th – 9th October, 2011
Timings: 4:00 – 8:00 pm
Venue: L & P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, K.L. Campus, CEPT University, Ahmedabad

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Incredible Collection

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Incredible Collection
An Exhibition of 
Paintings | Sculptures | Print making
40 emerging artists of India
12th – 17th October, 2010
‘Amdavad ni Gufa’


Press Coverage

Ahmedabad Mirror 13th October 2010
DNA Ahmedabad – 13th October 2010
City Bhaskar Ahmedabad – 14th October 2010
DNA Ahmedabad – 16th October 2010
Times of India Ahmedabad – 17th October 2010
List of Participating Artists
Anil Majumdar | Arpit Bioria | Bhavin Vaishnav | Deviba Wala | Jaydev Biswal | Jigna Gaudana | Jignesh Panchal | Jitu Oghani | Manish Modi | Nilesh Suthar | Rakesh Patel | Ronak Sopariwala | Roma Patel | Shital Panchal | Tushar Kamble | Vipul Rathod
Bharat Patni | Dushyant Patel | Jyothi Das | Kajal Shah | Khanjan Maru | Kurma Nadham | Neha Lavingia | Preeti Agrawal | Prashant Sitapara | Rachana Badrakia | Shridhar Murthy | Sarika Mehta | Sunil Darji
Guest Artist
Vrindavan Solanki
Deepak Kadam | Mahendra Mate | Mauktik Kate | Prasad Talekar | Pravin Bhoir | Ramchandra Saroj | Sandip Toraskar | Shirish Badekar | Vishal Kudle

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the one square foot show

August 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

Studio Verve
The One Square Foot Show
A Contemporary Art Exhibition A Charity Show for Animals

120 Artists from 11 States showcase their recent work about 200 paintings are on display sized 1 X 1 ft. Inauguration by Mr. Anil Relia
Curator: Deviba Wala
Co-ordinator: Arpit Biloria

In Association with Animal HELP Foundation

Aalap Shah | Aditi Gemini | Amit Ambalal | Amit Prajapati | Amit Soni | Amitabh Madhia | Amrendra Nandi | Anamika Singh | Anand Gadapa | Anant Mehta | Anant Sahu | Anantan K T | Aniketa Deshpande | Anup Chand | Anil Majmudar | Arvind Patel | Atul Vadadoriya | Avinash Thaker | Arpit Biloria | Bansi Khatri | Bharat Patni | Bharvi Trivedi | Blaise Joseph | Bhaskar Chaudhary | Bhavin Vaishnav | Chitra E G | Darshana Rajvaidya | Deepak Rasaily | Devang Anglay | Devang Vyas | Dushyant Patel | Deviba Wala | Gayatri Trivedi | Giriraj Kadia | H R Das | H R Kumbhawat | Haku Shah | Hemali Mandalia | Hiral Thakkar | Hukum Verma | Imran | Jagadhish Shreyas | Jayant Maity | Jayanti Naik | Jigar Kapdi | Jignesh Patel | Jigna Gaudana | Jignesh Panchal | Jitu Oghani | K K Gandhi | Kailash Desai | Kansodaria Ratilal | Karl Antao | Khanjan Maru | Kishor Kant | Kumar Chauhan | Lalit Garg | Maalchand Paarik | Margee Patel | Mahendra Kadia | Manhar Kapadia | Mannju Karmarkar | Mayank Sharma |Masoom Khambhayta | Milan Desai | Mukesh Acharya | Mukesh Salvi | Mukund Patel | Nabibakhsh Mansoori | Narendra Raghunath | Natu Mistry | Naveen Kumar | Navin Dhagat | Neha Lavingia | Neha Suthar | Nehal Rachh | Neha Dhadhich | Nikita Parikh | Nilesh Suthar | Nisha Sharma | Priti Kahar | Parul Panjwani | Pramod Singh | Prashant Sitapara | Pulkit Prajapati | Radhika Dave | Raj A J | Rajesh Sagara | Rakesh Patel | Ravin Godhani | Riddhi Shah |  Rina Parakh | Ritesh Meshram | Roma Patel | Ronak Soparivala | Samvedana Vaishya | Sangeetha Moorthy | Sanyasi Red |Shaam | Sharad Bharadwaj | Sheetal Panchal | Shinoy Choran | Shruti Thakur | Shubhra Chand | Siddheshwar Kanuga | Smriti Saraswat | Snehal Kashikar | Suraj Kumar | Suresh Emanuel | Suvarna Kamakshi | Tushar Kamble | Vijay Sharma | Vinod Patel | Vipul Prajapati | Vipul Rathod | Visha Kanuga | Vrindavan Solanki | Yamini Rathore | Yusuf

News Coverage

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The Smart Show, baroda

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the smart show, was held at the faculty of fine arts MSU baroda

Moscow !

July 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

“Qui Vive?” Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

beginning on the July 4 until 28th, 2010 will include an art project “Tradition in Transition” by an Indian curator Preeti Singh Rajawat in collaboration with a Russian curator Irina Urnova, slated to include as proposed the artworks by 12 young, talented and  up-and-coming Indian artists. “Tradition in Transition” aims at presenting for the first time to the Russian and International public the works of the artists Arpit Biloria, Ajay Rajpurohit,Sharad Bharadwaj, Deviba Wala, Hitendra Bhati,   Sukesan Kanka, Sanjay Soni, Tensing Joseph, Padmini Mehta, Vipul Prajapati, Umesh Prasad, Saiyed Akbar Ali, Sanjay Soni, and placing them in the context of the global contemporary art scene.
This project aims at bringing together a group of young Indian artists, each exploring different aspects of the boundaries of Indian identity in the modern world through their chosen medium within the language of painting. While art of the older Indian artists is well known and universally recognized around the world to incorporate motifs of Indian heritage at its core, the works of the younger generation, such as represented in “Tradition in Transition” goes further still, opening much more to the global prospective. Does it, however, still retain any trace of its intrinsic Indian-ness, or has it progressed much further to become in itself a part of the globalized creative identity? Those are some of the questions this exhibition is trying to answer…   

The State Museum Reserve Park Tsaritsyno. Moscow, Russia. 

The Biennale selection committee has considered this project to be of very high interest, to be included in this year’s exhibition. This project will be one of the earliest and most prolific showcases of young Indian art in Russia today.

Press Coverage
Divya Bhaskar (Gujarati) 30 July 2010
DNA 30 July 2010

Ahmedabad Mirror 31 July 2010

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EVALUTION – Women’s Group Show, Ahmedabad

March 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

An Exhibition of Paintings & Sculptures
Amdavad Art Society & Anayas Art Gallery, Ahmedabad
Bharvi Trivedi, Deepa Pantpadiya, Deesha Belani, 
Deviba Wala, Foram Thakor, Jalpa Pandhi, Neha Lavingia, 
Neha Suthar, Nikita Parikh, Ratna Gandhi, 
Roma Patel, Samvedna Vaishya, Sharda Patel, 
Shefali Nayan, Shweta Parikh, Trupti Dave
Chief Guests: Ms Chirashree Thakkar & Ms. Ruzan Khambhata with Ms. Bharti Verma
Deviba Wala with Ms. Chitra & Mr. Vrindavan Solanki
Mr. Ratilal Kansodaria & Deviba Wala

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