Silence – An Experimental Art, Group Show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

April 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

At Jehangir Art Gallery
Dates: 7th – 13th April, 2011
Curators: Arpit Biloria + Jagadish Dhyan Shreyas
“Silence is…
a piece of sky
a space between clutter
emptiness without colours
a question without an answer
a search into the past
emotions hidden in daily lives
a never ending quest into a visual space…….
Silence remains, till it is broken!”
Eight artists discover different aspects of silence, a search into a void through a journey into multi dimensional space. Materials and media come together to create meaning. Playful reality merges with an inner world of fantasy and opens up undiscovered layers of emotions. The personal journey of the artist points towards an universal journey of life and its myriad experiences.
As Rumi says : “Only from the heart, can you touch the sky”, it is through the tangible earthly medium of sculpture and the depth of their emotions that the artists make an endeavor to touch silence and beauty. This exhibition provides a moment in time and space to be in close communion with the art and discover different aspects of the same within the self.

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Abhijeet Paul

Suraj Kumar

Abhijeet Paul

Shubhankar Tarafdar’s Paintings

Tarun Maity

Priti Kahar

Arpit Biloria’s Installation with Sound

Gallery Display

Jagadish Dhyan Sreyas

Pramod Singh’s Video Art

Priti Kahar
Group Photo

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