Installation at kanoria centre of arts

September 29, 2008 § 3 Comments

The International Tile Project Launch.

Exhibition and An Installation by us.

Collaborative art work.

arpit biloria
An installation using projectors 

arpit biloria
the installation taking shape..

deviba wala
the many angels of surfaces that will act as canvas  when the three projectors simultaneously project onto it.

ahmedabad artists
just before show time ..

We(Arpit, Margee, Riddhi & devi: from studio verve) were invited for the launch of the tile project at kanoria on the 27th of this month,
The tile project had artists from all over the world work on specific tile sizes and set up a permanent display in a select few locations. Our work was added to a wall built specially for the event.  An exhibition and various installations by the artists working were on display at the kanoria centre for arts, there were a lot of art enthusiasts who turned up for the evening , there was a garb ; as navratri or the folk dance festival of Gujarat was around the corner ..We had an idea for the installation and we came up with a concept that we can all relate to. The idea was to show that art is inspired from and in return, inspires our daily lives…

The concept : a story can be narrated in a million ways. this installation does just that. a story is viewed from different angles. a work of art is various colours ,layers of texture, a mix of the art and the artist himself ,creating a thing of everlasting beauty .Some images last forever while some fade away . we live in parallel worlds: the conscious and the subconscious. our country too is diverse and rich in culture where facets of life varied as they are come together .the clips you see are from the streets of India running parallel with the art work and artists that were , artists that are and artists that will be…

title : art and life juxtaposed
medium: thermocol sheets, nylon strings, 3 projectors & bricks

the clips comprised of the city life , eminent artists and their work along with a few clips shot at our studio while we were at work. the clips, starting at different times were then projected onto the surfaces from different angles, one image in totality was never repeated due to the time lapse between the projected images.

links to more information on installation and events :

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§ 3 Responses to Installation at kanoria centre of arts

  • devangi says:

    nice work n i appreciate ur understanding….keep it up guys…

  • Pooja says:

    congratulation to all of u…amazing effort by you guys at verve. cant wait to visit your space nexttime when in ahmedabad….best of luck deviba and keep posting stuff like this…Pooja Varma Tahilramani

  • Sumit says:

    saw the clip. impressed by the work! nice concept of a “LIVE” piece of art. i don’t keep a regular track of art activities – nevertheless, i don’t remember having seen this type of work any where else. perhaps, it is innovative too!

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